Saturday, April 2, 2016

Oscillations Complete Lesson

Oscillatory motion is a to and fro motion and it is one of the basic motion of a body after translatory motion and rotatory motion. The particle in oscillatory motion moves about a fixed point and that fixed point is called mean position. All oscillatory motions gets repeated at regular intervals of time and they are called periodic motion. All oscillatory motions are periodic but all periodic motions are not oscillatory. to express periodic motion, we need to use sin and cos functions as they  also gets repeated  between two fixed values.

If oscillatory motion has displacement directly proportional to acceleration and is directed opposite to it, then it is called simple harmonic motion. Simple pendulum is a famous example who is in simple harmonic motion when slightly disturbed from its mean position. We can derive equations for its displacement, velocity, acceleration and time period as shown in the lessons below. We have also derived equations for its potential energy, kinetic energy and total energy of a body in oscillatory motion and if frictional force is also taken into count, the amplitude of the oscillation decreases and finally it stops. This kind of oscillatory motion is called damped oscillatory.
Here in the following list, all topics of oscillations are explained.

Time Period of Simple pendulum 

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