Saturday, April 2, 2016

Waves Complete Lesson

Wave motion is a periodic disturbance through which energy is transferred from one place to other. In general if this is need of a medium, then it is called mechanical wave. No particle of the medium has permanent displacement in wave motion. Each particle of the medium vibrates about its mean position and transfers the energy from one particle to other and this keeps on happening until the energy reached its destination. For this wave propagation to happen, the medium shall have elastic property. 

Sound in air travels from one place to other in the form of a mechanical wave and it means it cannot be propagated on the moon since there is no medium there.

We can understand that each particle of the medium during wave motion executes oscillatory motion and hence rules of oscillations can be applied here also.

In wave motion, we study about wave propagation, velocity of the wave in a given medium, open pipes and closed pipes. We also deals with the concept of beats. It means when when two waves of slightly different frequencies travel in the same direction are superimposed together, there is alternate big and small sounds called waxing and waning.

We also deal with Doppler effect of sound here. It is the study of apparent change in the frequency of sound due to relative motion of source and observer.

Here are the concepts of all the above explained in detail.

Wave Motion an introduction 

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