Saturday, February 4, 2017

Equations of Motion along straight line and Freely Falling Video lesson

Equations of motion in one dimensional motion

We know that a body in one dimensional motion has displacement, velocity which is different at initial level and final level and hence the body is also having some acceleration. The body is covering some displacement in a specified time. Taking this into consideration, we can obtain the relation between the above mentioned physical quantities using the equations of motion. They relate some of the above mentioned physical quantities and the relation is among the four quantities. If we know any of the three, by using appropriate equation, we can find the unknown physical quantity using the relations available to us.

Equation of motion for a freely falling body

A body starting from the state of rest from a certain height and falling vertically downwards under the influence of gravitational force is called as a freely falling body. For a freely falling body, initial velocity is zero and the displacement of the body is nothing but the height of fall in a given time. As the body falls down, its velocity increases and hence it is under acceleration and it is due to gravitational force. This acceleration due to the earth is called acceleration due to gravity and it is constant at a given place. Taking this into consideration, we can rewrite the equations of motion as shown in the video lecture below. The time taken by the body to reach the ground from the maximum height is called time of descent.

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