Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Working of a Galilean Telescope

Galilean Telescope

Galilean Telescope is useful to observe the distant objects of space. It increases the visual angle therefore we can see the distant objects clearly. Astronomical telescope is used to see the space objects. It is also called as Galilean telescope. It has two lenses and the final image is an inverted image. By adjusting the position of the eye lens, we can adjust the final image either at the near point or at the far point.

In the case of the telescope, filed lens will have more focal length than that of the eye lens.

As the long-distance object is taken into consideration for observation, the object is not generally shown in the diagram. We can define the magnification of a telescope as the ratio of focal length of the field lens to the focal lens of the eye lens. It is shown with a negative sign just to give information that the final image is a inverted image.

We can have a terrestrial telescope to see the objects of the earth. This telescope forms erect image of the object. It consists of another lens called erecting lens. Because of the existence of the new lens, the length of the telescope increases in this case. The purpose of the third lens is to invert the image so that the final image is erect.

Problem and solution

In the given paper we have solve two problems basing on the terrestrial telescope and the astronomical telescope and for any kind of clarifications you can just post a comment at the end of the post.

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