Monday, September 19, 2016

Transformer and Alternate Current


Transformer is a device that change the alternate current voltage with out effecting the parameters like its frequency.If the output voltage is less than the input voltage of the transformer, then the transformer is called a step down transformer and if the output voltage is more than the input voltage then the transformer is called step up transformer.

Transformer works basing on the mutual induction concept. If there is a change in the current in one coil, there is a change in the magnetic flux and induced EMF is developed in the other coil.

The apparatus consists of two copper wound coils with soft iron core as the base. This soft iron Martial helps in managing the loss of eddy currents.

We can identify the magnitude of the induced EMF using the definition as shown below.

We can measure the efficiency of the transformer as the ratio of output voltage developed to the input voltage and it depends on the number of the turns that the coil has. We can explain and derive a small formula as shown in the diagram below.

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