Thursday, September 8, 2016

Faraday’s Experimental Observations about EMI

If there is a change in the current in the circuit with time, there will be a change in the magnetic field around the coil and it produce a induced EMF  in the coil. To study the EMF, Faraday has made some experiments and here we are going to study that experimental observations.

We can also understand the magnetic field induction in some other way. In the previous case, experiencing the change in magnetic flux is for a very small time. It is just during the switch on and off process that is for a very small interval of time. To experience it in a very detailed way, let us have a closed coil with a galvanometer. Let us consider a magnetic needle and if you are keeping the magnetic needle at rest, no EMF is generated.

When the magnetic needle is moved towards the coil, the galvanometer moves in one direction and EMF is generated.

Even when the magnet is moved in the opposite direction, the galvanometer deflects in opposite direction and it indicated that the current is developed in the opposite direction.

We can observe the same even when the magnet is in the state of rest and the coil with galvanometer is either moved towards or away from the stationary magnet.

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