Sunday, August 28, 2016

Current Electricity Complete Lesson

Current electricity is a branch of physics that deals with the charges in motion and its applications. Current flows through the conductors and while it is happening some opposition is there called resistance. In this lesson we have analyzed on whom this resistance is depending on and how can we measure it. To measure the nature of resistance and its dependence, a physical quantity called specific resistance is also defined. It depends on the nature but not on the physical dimensions of a body. 

To know the dependence of the current on potential difference in simple cases, Ohm's law is defined and to study the complex cases, we have Kirchhoff's laws. To know about the impact of resistance, we have Wheatstone bridge and its application Meter bridge. We also deal here about potentiometer and it is useful to compare the EMF of different cells and to find the internal resistance of a battery. Detailed lessons were made about each of the above topics and they are listed here for the reference.

Resistance and Specific Resistance

EMF and Internal Resistance of a Cell

Kirchhoff's Laws and Explanation

Kirchhoff's Law Problems and Solutions

Wheatstone bridge and Meter Bridge

Potentioemeter Comparison of EMF's and Determination of Internal Resistance

Resistors in Series and Parallel Problems and Solutions

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