Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mechanical Property of Solids Elasticity Complete Lesson

Solid is a state of matter in which particles are very close to each other and have strong force of attraction between. Thus a solid posses a strong shape. The particles of solid materiel tend to come back to the original positions when the applied external force is with drawn. This property is called elasticity. To measure the elastic property of a materiel, a physical quantity called modulus of elasticity is introduced. According to Hook's law, stress is directly proportional to strain with in the elastic limit. The ratio of stress and strain is constant and it is called modulus of elasticity. It depends on the nature of the solid but not on stress, strain and physical dimensions of the body.

Depending on how do we apply force on the body, three are three kinds of modulus of the elasticity and a detailed lessons are presented about all the relevant things of elastic property in the following lessons. 

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