Thursday, January 14, 2016

Equation of Motion in Rotational Dynamics

Body rotating about axis of rotation is said to be in rotational motion. It is a different kind of motion from translatory and oscillatory motion. Each particle of the body rotates about the given axis of rotation. We know that we cannot study rotational motion in terms of translatory motion physical quantities like displacement, velocity and acceleration. Trying to study rotational motion in terms of force and displacement is a futile attempt and we need all together different kind of physical quantities to understand this motion.

Similar to displacement of translatory motion, we have angular displacement. It is the angular shift  at the center of axis of rotation.It is measured in radian.

Similar to velocity in translatory motion, in translatory motion we have angular velocity and it is defined as the rate of change of angular displacement.

Similar to acceleration in translatory motion here in rotational motion we have angular acceleration and it is defined as the rate of change of angular velocity. Body having angulary acceleration is said to be non uniform circular motion and the body change its velocity at every point of circular motion.

We have four equations of motion to study translatory motion. Using this we can find the relation between physical quantities like displacement, velocity, acceleration and time.

Similarly we can find the relation between angular displacement, angular acceleration, angular velocity and time in the similar way of translatory motion.

We have shown the detailed video as shown in the below embedded video.

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