Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Isothermal process and Applications

The process in which the temperature of a system is always kept constant is called isothermal process.

We can keep the temperature of a system constant only when we allow the extra heat energy to go out and vice versa. This is possible only when the system is perfectly conducting to the surroundings. It also has to be performed in a slow manner. We shall give enough time for the system is to absorb the heat energy at constant temperature are to send the heat energy out at constant temperature.

Being the temperature is constant Boyle’s law very much valid in this process. We can derive the equation for the work done in isothermal process as shown below. As the pressure is variable work done is identified with the integration process.

Problem and solution

The pressure of a certain mass of a gas is increased by 10% in isothermal process. What is the percentage change in its volume?

We shall be little bit carefully while we are dealing with this kind of percentage problems. When the value of the percentages big, we can apply directly and when the percentages a small we shall go for the merit of approximations.

Problem and solution

One more law ideal gas expands isothermal li to double to its volume at a temperature of 27°C .What is the work done in this process?

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