Friday, December 5, 2014

Waves and Oscillations Complete Lessons

The body can have broadly three different types of motions. If all particles of the body are having a similar kind of displacement,the motion is called translatory motion.

If the body particles are rotating about a given axis then the body is said to be in rotatory motion.

If the particle is oscillating about the mean position then it is called as a vibratory motion or oscillatory motion.

The energy transformation from one place to another place can take place in the format of waves in so many situations.

The transmission of the sound in the air simply travels like a longitudinal wave.

So here in this chapter we are going to discuss regarding the different issues of waves and oscillations, corresponding problems with their respective solutions.


Time Period of Simple pendulum 

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  1. Please provide me the derivations for the average values of displacement, velocity, acceleration, kinetic energy, potential energy and total energy in S.H.M.