Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Semi Conductor Electronics and Communication Systems Complete Lesson

Semiconducting material has conducting nature in between conductors and insulators. At absolute zero temperature the behaves like insulators and at increased temperature they can be have like conducting materials. Silicon and germanium are simple examples of the semiconducting materials which are also called as intrinsic type of semiconducting materials as well as called as pure semiconducting materials. 

We can modify them as per requirement by adding a small amount of impurities and that phenomena is called as dooping. When you add impurities,we will be getting two types of semiconducting materials called P type and N type. Using this materials we can make electronic devices like diodes, transistors and integrated chips. Here we are going to identify how they are going to work. We are also going to discuss a little bit of digital electronics and  some discussion about logic Gates.

Communication system is a way of communicating information from one place to another place using a channel. There are basically three different types of communications like ground wave communication, sky wave communication and space wave communication.

Here we are going to list out all the posts that are linked with this topics is given below in a systematic order .

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