Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mechanical Properties of Fluids Complete Lesson

Fluids are the materiel which flows from one place to other and both liquids and gases falls in this category. Surface tension is a property of the fluids that is liquids only and any way here in this blog that is dealt like a separate lesson for the sake of creating enough clarity. Here in this lesson we are going to learn about fluid statics and fluid dynamics.

Fluid statics deals with the fluids in the state of rest and we do study about density, pressure and buoyant force to understand them. Buoyant force is the upward force applied by a fluid on a body when it is fully or partially immersed in the fluid. Archenemies principle and laws of flotation can be explained in this topic. 

Fluid dynamics deals with the fluids in the state of motion. If viscosity which is opposition force to the relative motion has to be studies, it shall be taken into count by measuring the coefficient of viscosity and its impact. Here we study about equation of continuity and Bernoulli theorem and its applications.

Here are the complete lessons of this topic.

Problems on Bernoulli's theorem and Its Applications

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