Saturday, October 1, 2016

Magnetism Complete Lesson

Magnetism is a branch of physics that deals with the property of certain natural or artificial material that attracts other materials and its applications. Every magnet do have two poles called north and south pole.Similar poles repel each other and opposite poles attract each other. It is not possible to isolate a single pole. There is a field around a magnet up to where its influence can be felt. That space is called magnetic field.

We have discussed in this chapter, regarding the force of attraction or repulsion between the poles basing on inverse square rule and how can we solve some problems basing on it.

We have also discussed regarding magnetic field induction. It is the force experienced by a unit north pole when it is placed under the influence of a magnetic field. How it is on the axial line and equatorial line and how do we solve problems on it is discussed in detail in this lesson.

The following are the list of complete topics and posts done in this chapter.

Magnetism Inverse Square Law and Torque

Magnetic Components of the Earth Magnetic Field and Potential Energy

Resultant Magnetic field induction

Earth magnetic field and bar magnet

Other complete lessons of the blog are the following.

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