Thursday, September 15, 2016

Electromagnetic Induction Complete Lesson and Alternate Current

There is a induced EMF and induced current developed in every coil in which there is a change in the current. The magnitude of this current depends on the number of the turns in the coil and also on the rate of change of the flux. If the change in the field happens in the same coil, the induction is called self induction and if that is happening in the other coil due to the change in the field due to the first coil, then the induced EMF is called mutual induction. We can find the direction of the induced current using Lenz law.

This post is a collection of different topics done in this particular lesson in the given order. This is the list of topics done in this module.

Faraday’s Experimental Observations about EMI

Lenz Law and Electromagnetic Induction

Self Induction and Mutual Induction

Induced EMF due to Variable Current and Moving Conductor

Induced EMF due to Motional Conductor

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