Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Newton Laws of Motion Complete Lesson

Newton laws of motion helps in studying  the translatory motion of a body under the influence of force.If all particles of the body has same kind of motion, then the body is said to be in translatory motion.Force is a physical quantity which changes the state of body or try to change the state of body.Newton proposed three laws for this. The first law is called law o f inertia.According to newtons first law of motion, every body try to continue its own state of rest or motion unless some external force is applied to change the state.

According to Newton's second law which is also called law of force, the force applied by a body is equal to rate of change of momentum.Momentum explains the ability a body to transfer kinetic energy to other bodies during the collision.

According Newton's third law of motion,every action has equal and opposite reaction.But we need to know that action and reaction always acts on two different bodies and hence they won't cancel each other.

When no external force is acting on a system, the linear momentum of the system always remains constant.It is called law of conservation of linear momentum.It is valid in all types of translatory motion when no external force is acting on the system.

Newton laws of motion helps to understand the reason behind the translatory motion of a body.Here we do explain three famous Newton laws of motion and its implications.We also study how to draw the free body diagrams and identify the forces acting on each body.This lesson has multiple small lessons and all of them are listed here for your reference.

This lesson has following parts shown below.

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